Peter Semmelhack


NID : N1


I am a Notarist.


A Notarist is an existential notary. I verify and certify the existence of human beings.


A Notarist is not an official position like a notary public (though a Notarist can be a notary public).


A Notarist serves as an impartial witness to live/real-time human actions, at a specific date/time/place, as proof-of-humanity, and provides documented validation if said actions satisfy their requirements.


Notarist-provided documentation is useful for proving a person is, in fact, a human being, i.e. “not a robot.” 


Documentation is also helpful when evidence is required that a human, in fact, executed a specific task (vs an artificial intelligence).





  • A live, in-person meeting is scheduled with a Notarist at a mutually agreed upon place and time.

  • The Notarist and the person seeking notarization (the notaree) agree on what action the notaree will perform in the Notarist's presence . There are no set requirements for the action(s). The Notarist controls what is expected.

  • The meeting begins and the notaree performs the agreed upon action(s).

  • If the Notarist is satisfied that the action(s) performed prove the notaree’s humanity, validation documentation is provided which will include, at a minimum:

  • Signed, notarized paper document, which must include notaree’s name, a detailed description, date/time, latitude and longitude of performed action(s). The notaree must also sign this document. The notaree keeps this document.

  • Fully filled out and co-signed entry in the Notarist’s ledger/notebook.